How to Sell Unused Gift Cards in India setember 2019


A significant number of us have been in a circumstance where somebody gets us a gift voucher as a present, yet we don’t discover anything helpful on that specific store.

We at that point wind up purchasing something out of edginess or the card assembles dust until the expiry date arrives and in the end heads to the rubbish can.

This doesn’t generally need to be the situation on the grounds that there are approaches to trade your gift vouchers for money.

Things to recollect before selling your gift voucher

Before we broadly expound and disclose to you how to sell your unused gift vouchers, there are a couple of things to recall.

On the off chance that you attempt to sell your gift voucher, there is consistently an opportunity of being misled so continue with alert.

Ensure you don’t send the card without accepting installments. On the off chance that it’s a gift voucher for a specific store, ensure you meet the individual you are offering it to at that store and check that the card is working before finishing the exchange.

Comparable precautionary measures ought to be taken before selling e-blessing vouchers.

In the event that you are selling by means of outsider sites, ensure you read all terms and conditions (counting purchaser insurance plans) to abstain from getting misled.

Devices 360 is not the slightest bit in charge of any issues that may happen while you’re attempting to sell your unused gift vouchers for money. Continue at your very own hazard.

Instructions to sell unused gift vouchers online in India

There are a few sites that enable you to sell your unused gift vouchers in India. The catch is that the greater part of these are commercial centers so there’s no assurance that you

will discover a purchaser. One site gives you a chance to sell gift vouchers straightforwardly, however it pays just around 35 percent of the card esteem, which is low. Here are locales that given you a chance to sell gift vouchers online in India.


Sellebrate enables you to sell your gift vouchers legitimately to the organization for money. Not at all like other gift voucher trade stages that we went over, Sellebrate cases to offer

cash for your cards, rather than posting it on its commercial center and approaching you to hang tight for a purchaser. The other side is that it offers truly low rates for gift vouchers — we were offered distinctly around 35 percent of the estimation of our gift voucher.


CanSell is a commercial center for gift vouchers, with the organization being included as a middle person in the event that the exchange goes astray for secure exchanges.

There are two kinds of exchanges on CalSell — free and secure. Free is the more hazardous way with little in the method for help from CanSell.

On the off chance that you settle on a protected exchange, the organization basically goes about as an escrow administration and intercedes debates, assuming any, and charges five percent of the selling cost.


Nafa is another commercial center for selling gift vouchers. Your gift vouchers can be recorded on this webpage and offered to other Nafa clients,

with the site taking a level five percent remove the selling cost of each gift voucher. There are physical and e-gift vouchers on this site and it guarantees that physical cards are presented on purchasers inside seven days of procurement.


Zingoy is additionally a commercial center for where you can sell unused gift vouchers. The site charges a little handling expense for each gift voucher sold and this shifts from brand to mark.

Classifieds sites

You can generally attempt to sell your gift vouchers through classifieds sites, for example, Quikr or OLX. Make certain to be alert and avoid potential risk as conceivable to forestall misrepresentation and to guarantee your security also.

Some Indian gatherings have exchanging sub-discussions, where you can sell certain gift vouchers. For example, IndianVideoGamer enables you to sell gaming-related physical gift vouchers, (for example, PlayStation Plus cards).

Online life sites

You can likewise attempt your karma with your preferred online life site. A portion of these have networks that enable you to sell or trade your gift vouchers.

For instance, Reddit’s GiftCardExchange people group gives individuals a chance to trade gift vouchers for money or other gift vouchers. Interest for Indian gift vouchers is low, yet you can attempt your karma in neighborhood web-based social networking gatherings


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