How to make sub woofer at home


hello friends hope you are good in this post I will show some amazing and interesting things to create  subwoofer at home

in the very process so that you can understand easily without any worries so that might not affect your pocket as well so read till ends

as we know sub woofer is a mind-blowing music thing if you are music lover like me then this post is especially for you

Purchase six wood boards. These boards will be the sides of your speaker box. Before deciding what wood to shop for, ask a sales’ associate what wood provides the best acoustics

Measure and cut the boards so that they work around your speaker driver. The measurements can depend upon the scale and elegance speaker box you wish to create.
Measure the face of your speaker driver. Cut a hole in one among the board for the speaker driver to take a seat in. This board is the front panel of the speaker box.
¬†(Place the screws within the holes on the speaker driver’s facet.)
Cut the black speaker artifact to suit across the complete front panel board. Glue the cloth to the edges of the board.
Drill holes in all the boards. Screw 5 of the boards along, including the board with the speaker driver, creating a box. Leave the box open in the back.
Screw a brace to the within of every corner of the box. This makes the box sturdier and prevents the boards from shaking once the amount is high.
Fill the box with insulation. Choose your insulation supported the sound you wish to make. Experiment with completely different amounts of insulation till you good the acoustics
Make a hole within the back panel for the speaker wires to attach to the electricity.
Thread the wires through the hole.


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