What is cloud computing Everything You Need To Know


We know in some cases one thing will be trending all over the world and all talks and debates will come at last to it .we can hear a word like that in this time called cloud computing

there are a lots of uses with cloud computing we can access any file and any application from any place and any time also we can improve the performance of any weak phones through cloud servers 

these all are the short definition for cloud computing but this sentence for cloud computing is very less we can only say the above definition as only a marketing buzzword. the cloud network is more powerful than we think.

We all know the google drive that giving us 15 GB for free for our usage some people thinks that this is cloud computing haha lol but it is beyond expectation.

google drive, dropbox,zippyshare, media fire is only a part of cloud computing. the cloud computing network is eventually increasing day by day the market of cloud network is

becoming more and more valuable so everyone wants to become a little aware of cloud computing we can look forward that cloud computing will make a gradual change in this world

cloud computing for the normal user
For a nor malusercloud computing is a technology for storing their entire file in that system with paid for the security, dropbox, google drive,spideroak are some websites or application that provides these features 

cloud computing for office/business
For business/office works cloud-computing will be a big helper for there work. they also used to store in this facility, but also they used to work together with it g-suit, g suite is an application for business purpose and also a great tool to collaborate with workers 

Yes security is a big challenging portion in cloud computing because the number of hackers is increasing nowadays and they can hack our essential data and also can blackmail us so we don’t have to compromise in our security system in cloud-computing


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