What is the story of electricity

There has been an intensive number of invention that has changed the very course of world making into the amazing place that we now live in but few you have had as much I’m back as electricity to understand its significance better one should other things
back to a world without electricity this will activate time when the word no equipment like the TV refrigerator fan mixer grinder or computer and even was a time when the world and peach back black after best don’t
you think this must have been quite difficult electricity for has been a path-breaking innovation that made life easier and more comfortable as a virus invention favored
by electric power were made hands it goes without saying that that change caused by the introduction of electricity is unparalleled and a life without it unimaginable 
Electricity in simple terms is a form of energy it can also be associated with the presence of electric charge electricity is usually produced by converting other sources of energy is
like called natural gas oil wind-solar nuclear power extra to understand the movement of electric charge one has to forcibly know about atoms you might have heard of the atom
already every matter in the universe including in human body and water is made up of atoms an intern is made of even small particle at the center of atoms place A nucleus that
is formed by positively charged protons and neutrons are they neutrons negatively charged particle called electron spin around the nucleus the number of electrons moving around the nucleus is equal to the number of protons in the nucleus
The energy or charge of a Proton is equal and opposite to the energy or  charge of an electron it is also to be noted that all these constituents are extremely tiny in
the electricity department is the electron which carries a charge as negative in other words the moment and accumulation of negative recharge electrons in relation to protons create electricity


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